Aldo Viola

Aldo Viola
Winery name:Aldo Viola
Owner:Viola Aldo
Legal name:Az.Agr. Aldo Viola
Address:Via per Camporeale, 18C
Area Code:91011
Mobile:+39 339 6969889

The organic domain of Aldo Viola comprises 8 hectares  near the city of Alcamo on the northwestern coast of Sicily,  today  it is governed by Aldo, son of Don Ancilino. A rigorous selection process assures that only the highest quality grapes are used for the label of Aldo Viola.

The Aldo Viola wine is a product of true passion and know-how transmitted over four generations. Aldo, son of Don Ancilino, was raised in the rhythm of wine making. Their goal is to fuse science with tradition to safeguard their land which is ideally suited for wine growing.

Excellence, Nature, and Tradition are the three axes of development pursued by Aldo. The small scale of his production allows Aldo the luxury of taking charge of the entire process.

The naturalistic approach, both in the winery & vineyard,  is  the key to preserve the original complexity of the grapes.