Vittorio Bera & Figli

Bera Vittorio e figli
Winery name:Vittorio Bera & Figli
Owner:Gianluigi Bera
Legal name:
Address:Regione Serra Masio, 39
Area Code:14053
Phone:+39 0141 831157
Mobile:+39 334 6676482

Azienda Agricola Bera Vittorio was the first family vineyard to start bottling and marketing its own Moscato d’Asti in Canelli.

In 1785 Giovanni Battista Bera bought land from the Community of the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta. Later purchases of land brought the total farm area to 10 hectares of vineyards, wich are still farmed in the traditional family way.

Bottling started in 1964, initially in small quantities, then with an increase in technology reaching today’s rates.

Azienda Bera produces wine from grapes ripened in the family vineyards situated in Sant’Antonio di Canelli, Regione Serra Masio, the heart of the most qualified, the most prestigious, and the most ancient area of production.

The vineyards are facing towards the south-east on slopes of from 50 to 70%. The ground is marmoreal and strongly calcareous, originating by ancient sea-beds which surfaced five million years ago.

Climatic conditions are particularly favourable to the growing of Moscato: not too wet, with rain falling only in winter and in the spring months. The temperatures are never too extreme, there are never late frosts and altought summer storms with hail are frequent, they are never violent enough to damage. It is windy until summer.

The vineyards are cultivated having complete respect for the environment , the countryside and the area in which we live, following the traditions of our forefathers: all the maintenance of the vines and the picking of the grapes are done by hand.

The vineyards are cultivated using organic production methods: only humus and compost are used; chemical fertilisers, herbicides, insecticides and pesticides banned. Parasites are successfully discouraged using copper sulphate and powered sulphur. In the Azienda Bera vineyards the ecosystem is alive: an abundance of snails is proof of a harmonious environmental balance.

I n the cellar we only use spontaneus yeasts.

Wines are nor stabilized neither filtered. Very low quantities of sulfites added.

Our wines are simply produced by the magic working of Nature.