Az.Agr. Maria Bortolotti

Az.Agr. Maria Bortolotti
Winery name:Az.Agr. Maria Bortolotti
Owner:Flavio Cantelli
Legal name:Az.Agr. Maria Bortolotti
Address:Via San Martino, 1
Area Code:40069
Town:Zola Predosa
Region:Emilia Romagna
Phone:+39 051 756763
Mobile:+39 329 2805493 – 349 6043937 (Paola)

…Production capability, yields per hectare, wine-guru, unique winemaking, vertical presses, grafting, certifications, saplings, controls, steel or wood, local varieties, amphorae, know-how, Georgia, biodynamic agriculture

We can discuss it all, but only after being susceptible to listen the Dionysian story that wine narrates. Once in tune with its melody, let yourself loose along the sensations that might be or not in perfect harmony –we leave perfection to technique lovers- reviving the drama of that, which happened in the land and fields, in the vineyards all through the season.

In natural wine, the color, taste, scents and aromas are praised out of the norm, as Dionysius the god of wine, the god of nature did before norms were brought about. Our wines are riveting, a choral manifest of nature and land.
You can find us in Zola Predosa, 15km west from Bologna. Where in red earth hills, Pignoletto, Sauvignon and Barbera vineyards have been growing for centuries as well as in the hearts and minds of our peasants

Biological agriculture since 1990. In the cellars respect to that which happened in the fields prevails.