Az.Agr. Canlibero
Winery name:Canlibero
Owner:Ennio Romano Cecaro
Legal name:Canlibero srls
Address:Località Tora II, 4
Area Code:82030
Mobile:+39 347 5050327

We are a couple that shares not only a project of life, but also a passion that unites us since our origins. Despite coming from two different areas of Campania, in their families, a tie with wine it has been present from 3 generations. My grandfather, was from province of Caserta, pressed and kept wine Asprinio in deep tuff cave dug under the family house. Mena, my wife, was born in Torrecuso a small village close to Benevento, located 420 meters above sea level, with a territory that is characterized by the production of two important DOC: “Aglianico” and “Falanghina”. And it is precisely in Torrecuso, recovering the cellar of the Mena’s grandfather, we have given life to our project, Canlibero.

The name of the winery is a paraphrase of “San Libero” (San Liberatore), protector of Torrecuso and place where we got married, and the concept of “maverick” (cane libero, in italian: free dog is an unorthodox or independent-minded person), a tribute to our dog, Brando, depicted on the labels.

We love the territory wine, able not only to excite the drinker but also to communicate ethics and personality of those who produced it. Wine is spiritual nourishment, but for it to give emotions and feelings of well being needs to be done with awareness. It is for this reason that we provide a brief description of our work. The vineyard is managed with biological method of cultivation which also joins the use of green manure and biodynamic preparations. The age of the vines more than fifty years, the grapes Aglianico, Falanghina, Fiano and Trebbiano. The phases of our work begins with a painstaking manual harvest, only the perfect grapes come into the cellar. The fermentation is spontaneous, then left purely yeasts present on the skin and in the cellar. The most radical option we are pursuing is the total absence of sulfur dioxide in all stages of winemaking: we trust in vintage and grape quality. We do decanting, without filtering or clarifying. Do not let the temperature controls. Ours is a growth path, aware that every harvest is different, so every year the wine is called to return the characteristics of its vintage.