La Costa

Fattoria Sociale

Cantina La Costa
Winery name:Cantina La Costa
Legal name:Soc.Agr. La Costa s.r.l.
Address:Via Ca’ Ronzani
Area Code:36030
Phone:+39 0445 1670108
Mobile:+39 348 1190840

La Costa Farm is based in Sarcedo a small village in the centre of  Veneto region,  80 km from Venice.

The Farm was born as social project with the aim of assisting people with social difficulties .

The hosts take part of the agriculture process by helping the professional  operators where is possible in the vineyard, winery and garden vegetable.

La Costa vineyards occupies  7 hectares  where in majority grow native  grape varieties as Vespaiolo and Groppello.  Our wines are certified organic and we practice byodinamic in the vineyards.

A tiny detail of big value,  each bottle is unique, in fact every  label is hand painted by people with social issues.