Claudio Plessi

Claudio Plessi
Winery name:Az. Agr. Plessi Claudio
Owner:Plessi Claudio
Legal name:Az. Agr. Plessi Claudio
Address:Stradello Monari, 11
Area Code:41051
Town:Castelnuovo Rangone
Region:Emilia Romagna
Mobile:+39 366 3955807

Claudio Plessi’s Molinazza Farm

San Lorenzo  Castelnuovo  Rangone (MO) ITALY

The farm is 51 meters above the sea level and it extends for 4,5 hectares on river sediments deposited thousands of years ago. Its soil is very calcareous, meaning that the wine has mineral features.

Farm’s history

The Plessi family has owned the Molinazza farm since 1813, first making Lambrusco and white wine in wooden winepress.
Since 1986, Claudio is leading the farm, which is certified for organic agriculture.
The vines were planted in the year 2000. Today, the vineyard extends on 3.2 hectares and if formed of native and indigenous vines: some of them come from family’s plants, while Claudio has selected other varieties in the Modena area.

Production philosophy

Claudio is part of the VAN group (Natural Craftsmen Vineyards), which believes that it is possible to make healthy and lively wines with farm’s grapes harvested by hand.
Claudio’s wines ferment on indigenous yeasts and the SO2 is very low (he doesn’t use them during bottling).During vinification, no additives or oenological and chemical additives are used.
Claudio makes his sparkling wines in bottle, following the regional traditions.