Winery name:Colombaia
Owner:Dante Lomazzi
Legal name:Colombaia
Address:Loc Mensanello Colombaia, 24
Area Code:43034
Town:Colle Val d’Elsa
Mobile:+39 393 3623742

Colombaia is a 4 hectares vineyard south west exposed, rounded by the house and the cave. The soil is clay/calcar full of  fossils shells.  Dante and Helena work the vineyard as a big garden, the byodinamic method allowed them to work in active perception, following the rhythm of nature, helping the vine to reach in the earth the mineral elements of the soil, and throught the light the essence and freshness of the grapes. The activity in the cave is held in full respect of the fruit keeping intervention as little as possible, acting softly and sensitively. The fermentation is spontaneous with natural grape’s yeasts, working strictly in respect of the vintage. The extraction process is slow and careful, keeping the vital cycles of fermentation, without clarifying, filtering or stabilizing. The unique SO2 added is a tiny dose at the bottling if necessary.