Macchion dei Lupi

Macchion dei Lupi
Winery name:Macchion dei Lupi
Owner:Carlo Parenti
Legal name:Az.Agr. Macchion dei Lupi
Address:Loc. Campo al Drago
Area Code:57028
Mobile:+39 347 3240899

Macchion dei Lupi can be found in Suvereto, a splendid medieval village in north Maremma along the Etruscan coast, at a short distance from the sea and the renowned Baratti beach. 

The coastal breeze, the hot sun and the intense light of this delightful area nurture our olive trees and vines. The land of our estate lies in a hilly area, particularly suited to producing quality grapes and olives. 

We chose to cultivate our vines and olives adhering to the biodynamic philosophy of Rudolph Stainer from the 1920’s, based on the most natural agricultural approaches. This results in a quality production, truly expressing the qualities of their territory. 

No synthetic chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides are used. No selected yeasts or wine making products normally used in “conventional” production are used in our winery. We have low levels of sulphate and as a consequence we have a truly natural wine. 

From the cherry red grapes of the local San Giovese and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties and after twenty months of maturation in wood and twelve months of aging in the bottle, “Esperienze” IGT Tuscan red is born. From the ancient local grape “Ansonica” we produce “Odyssea”, our special orange wine. 

Our products are simply the result of care and passion, which guide the way we  cultivate our plants and their fruits.