Montesissa Emilio

Az.Agr. Montesissa
Winery name:Montesissa Emilio
Legal name:Az.Agr. Montesissa Emilia
Address:Loc. Magnano – Case Biasini, 189Via Croci, 14
Area Code:29013
Region:Emilia Romagna
Phone:+39 0523 850158

For three generations, the Montesissa Emilio winery has cultivated the land in the hills of the Val Chero, lovingly respecting nature and biological cycles in order to protect the environment and safeguard consumer health. The winery covers a surface area of about 10 hectares, 3 of which are vineyards. The rest is arable land and woods, which enables rotation essential to protect biodiversity.

During the Pliocene epoch (between 5.3 and 1.8 million years ago) this area was submerged under the sea, which then withdrew leaving many fossil remains and, in some areas, a sandy soil which gives white grapes their sapidity and acidity.

The training system is Piacenza-style Guyot. Pruning is done in February, leaving one or two short canes, depending on the variety and soil; thus reducing the yield per hectare and increasing the quality of the few bunches produced per plant. Once the grapes have ripened, they are hand- picked in small crates and gently crushed, leaving the wine all its natural components and producing full-bodied and well-orchestrated wines.

Fermentation occurs spontaneously without the addition of selected yeasts. During fermentation in steel vats, pumping over and racking is done.
After bottling in spring, the wines begin a second fermentation to produce typical and traditional sparkling wines from the Piacenza area, with a strong identifying character.