Az.Agr. Palusci

Az.Agr. Palusci
Winery name:Az.Agr. Palusci
Owner:Marina Palusci
Legal name:
Address:C.da Fonte Gallo, 2
Area Code:65019
Mobile:+39 339 2285185

Family-owned company since four generations. We grow our vineyards and groves in the Abruzzi, green region of Europe, with Heart, Passion and Soul. 

Vines are organically grown, using only copper, sulphur and bentonite. Our business philosophy: manual and night harvesting, total repudiation of chemicals in the cellar, spontaneous fermentation with wild yeasts, no added chemicals or sulphur dioxide, no filtration or stabilization. 

We produce our wines respecting our land in the Abruzzi, a “strong and kind” region, using native grapes and minimal processing in the cellar. 

We believe that the wine should only contain one ingredient: Grapes! 

We have grown over 20 hectares of vineyards and groves since centuries in the same small paradise, where the majestic hills host old vines and silvery olive trees. We made the radical choice of cultivating the land in the same way our ancestors used to do, with Wisdom, Cleverness, Passion and Love. 

Organic certification by Icea IT BIO 006