Podere Pradarolo

Podere Pradarolo
Winery name:Podere Pradarolo
Owner:Alberto & Claudia Carretti
Legal name:Gat soc.agr. Podere Pradarolo srl
Address:Via prov. Serravalle, 80 – Loc. Pradarolo
Area Code:43040
Town:Varano de’ Melegari
Region:Emilia Romagna
Phone:+39 0525 552027
Mobile:+39 335 231827 – 338 6132220

The Pradarolo farm is located in the Parma hills in the Ceno valley between 250 and 500 meters above sea level, of the 60 hectares only 5 are planted with wines; it has been a certified biological company since 2004. We choice particular and personal rules and regulations that are characterized by the total absence of the usage of SO2, the use of native yeasts, the absence of any type of filtration, clarification, various types of stabilization, or any form of manipulation such as sugaring or must concentration.

The grapes are fermented at liberal temperatures with prolonged macerations that vary from 30 days to 9 months or more. After maceration the wine is normally refined in large oak barrels and then bottled.
The two sweet wines are obtained after drying the grapes on ground over cloths exposed to the sun.
The wines are typical to the local tradition and are Candia’s Aromatic Malvasia for the White and Barbera, Croatina (Bonarda), Termarina (pink Corinto) for the red grape wines.