Porta del Vento

Porta del Vento
Winery name:Porta del Vento
Owner:Marco Sferlazzo
Legal name:Az.Agr. di Marco Sferlazzo
Address:C.da Valdibella
Area Code:90043
Mobile:+39 335 6692875

Porta del Vento is located in the Camporeale hills, about six hundred meters above sea level, in the area of Alcamo and Monreale DOC. The farm is about eighteen hectares, fourteen of which are vineyards: sandy soils on a sandstone crust.

 The vines are about fifty years old, and almost all of them are pruned to get the typical alberello (small tree) form.

 We use no chemical weeds, pest control products or fertilizers. We try to understand and maintain the balance of the spontaneous vegetation, paying particular attention to biodiversity.

We try to rack our wines as little as possible. We don’t use filters to avoid depriving the wines of the elements that will make the wine truly unique.

We allow nature to follow its course. Thus, the plants’ harmony and energy are transmitted from the grapes to the wines, which fully express the territory to which they belong.