Salvatore Magnoni
Winery name:Az.Agr. Salvatore Magnoni
Owner:Salvatore Magnoni
Legal name:Az.Agr. Salvatore Magnoni
Address:Via Fratelli Magnoni, 11
Area Code:84070
Mobile:+39 329 8125129

My father planted the wineyard in the eighties. I was working in Naples, selling records, djing, opening clubs, planning live acts…living the night.

Then, when my father was gone in the mid-nineties, I began to think about the land we got, wineyard and olive trees.

Some year later, in 2003, I planted my new wineyard, all aglianico plants, now two hectares and ten thousand plants, and another hectar next year, 2018.

The winery is in the ancient place of the old house, three hundreds years old cellar, stones and wood.

I’m working without selected yeasts, and without sulphites (under 10mlg/litre). No chemical at all, neither in the wineyard nor in the winery.

All aglianico, two wines every year, with different maceration and ageing times, in oak barrels of different capacity.