Saccoletto Daniele

Saccoletto Daniele
Winery name:Azienda agricola vitivinicola Saccoletto Daniele
Owner:Daniele Saccoletto
Legal name:Azienda agricola vitivinicola Saccoletto Daniele
Address:Strada Casale-Asti, 82
Area Code:15020
Town:San Giorgio Monferrato
Phone:+39 0142 806509
Mobile:+39 338 1022015


The wines from the winery Saccoletto Daniele may not satisfy all tastes and we are aware of it.

We are located in the Monferrato territory, province of Alessandria, in the east side of Piedmont. It is a snug area, detached from the hustle of the resounding wine business in Piedmont. For this very reason, the area has an outstanding and almost unique biodiversity in terms of vineyards, which lie between green hills, the Po River, woods, fields, and tiny picturesque villages. Our territory is qualified since 2014 as UNESCO World Heritage, because of its unique natural landscapes and artistic and architectural treasures.

We are fully aware that our red and white wines are intended for a niche, outside the “DOC and DOCG mentality”. Yet they are organic (certified since 2000) and contain a low quantity of sulphites (50ppm at the most) and no added yeasts. Furthermore, we differentiate ourselves for not giving our wines unexpected names. Our bottles come with screw caps and a color stain on the label. Not to mention the fact that our grapes are attentively harvested by hand and the ripening process on the skins is rather lengthy.

Our wine changes for the better every single year and it is the outcome of the expertise of a highly skilled wine-maker such as Daniele Saccoletto, who has been producing wine for over 40 years. His wine fully represents his candor, his love for his territory and for his fruits, mirroring his personality: hearty, earthy, honest and slightly rough-edged.

For these very reasons we are truly proud of what we create, and our personalities fully match with our wines, as you will be able to taste in each and every of our bottles.

As someone once said, those who love me will… drink me!