Tenuta l’Armonia

Tenuta l'Armonia
Winery name:Tenuta l’Armonia
Owner:Pendin Andrea
Legal name:Tenuta l’Armonia di Pendin Andrea
Address:Contrà Scaranto, 21/A
Area Code:36075
Town:Montecchio Maggiore
Mobile:+39 320 3115008

For us Armonia means to return to give an inseparable value between human beings and the nature that surrounds him. From this concept, we have built our company. We are rst of all “Artisan Winegrowers”; we believe in the knowledge in support of tradition. From day one, we wanted to make a wine that represented the detection of different Terroir in the best Vicenza hills. We manage about 10 hectares of vineyards in Organic, 3 of which are owned and the rest rented. The grounds are all very different from each other; volcanic on one side and clay-limestone on the other, arranged at different heights to allow the best grapes ripen due to changes in temperature between day and night. These differences in the vineyards produce different results in the cellar and distinguish our two wine line.